I’ve been a fan of and writing about Mary Karlzen since 1992. As one of the breakout female singer songwriters from South Florida, Karlzen broke through at a time when radio and Tv were ripe for new and fresh crossover music. Her unique vocals and jangly blend of country pop struck a real chord.

The Chicago native released her first album, Hide, in 1992. After several songs ended up on VH1, Karlzen became the network’s most-played independent artist of all time. She collaborated with Jackson Browne, The Mavericks, toured and put out several more albums.

Back in 1994 I wrote…

Designer Barbara Hulanicki Debuts New Clothing Line and Photography Exhibit in South Beach

1960s Biba fashions and designer Barbara Hulanicki

One of the most famous designers in the world, Barbara Hulanicki sits in her historic South Beach studio building surrounded by dozens of drawings, photos, artworks, fabric swatches, coffee cups and scarves draped across various racks. Sixty years of design work sits alongside new and upcoming drawings. Outside is busy Collins Avenue, where throngs of tourists stream through the streets.

In 1982 I was an intern at Metro Pictures Gallery on Mercer Street. I was 21 and living at 250 Mercer, just up the block, in an airy apartment with a loft bed. I had escaped the dull suburbs of Westchester to get an education in the arts. The “arts” in the 1980s meant going out every night to openings at Schafrazi, Mary Boone, Holly Solomon, and then clubbing at Danceteria, Mudd Club, Max’s.

Jack Goldstein show invite in my journal

My internship consisted of answering phones (“Hello, Metro Pictures.” “Yes, hello, what time is the movie?”) and the all-consuming…

by Sandra Schulman

South Florida’s Y&T Music is the pioneering label from the early 1990s that launched the music careers of The Mavericks, Mary Karlzen and For Squirrels, along with Amanda Green and Arlan Feiles. As a music writer for Billboard and the Sun-Sentinel in the 1990s, I followed Y&T and their enthusiastic leader Rich Ulloa, as they propelled these acts out of the small clubs of South Beach onto the national stage. …

Photo: Addiel Perera, Florida Daily Post

Jupiter homeboy Tyler Cameron has made the leap from college football quarterback to licensed contractor to reality TV star, all in just a few years.

Growing up the son of a successful contractor in South Florida, Tyler followed that path at FAU earning a master’s in business administration after he got injured playing football. In school he met Matt James, who fast became his best friend.

“He helped me out right away, showing me the ropes and where all the good parties were,” Tyler says sitting in the luxe masculine private lounge at the 1000 North Club on the water…

By Sandra Schulman

Allegra Miles and Nick Jonas on The Voice, photo The Voice

In person Allegra Miles is a tall, confident presence, with a sunny smile, a curtain of blond hair and a sweet smattering of freckles. Disarmingly polite and attentive, she listens and nods and laughs in the right measure. From writing songs about changing the world at age 12 in her bedroom to the small clubs of West Palm Beach and remarkably, to the semi-finals of The Voice TV show, 17 year-old Allegra has already made a big mark in the music world.

Sitting in the spacious lobby of the new Canopy by Hilton Hotel in downtown West…

By Sandra Schulman

Richard Butler at Waltman Ortega Fine Art in Wynwood Miami

In his second solo show at Wynwood’s Waltman Ortega Fine Art Gallery, “painter who sings” Richard Butler presented a “melancholy” group of intimate portraits that haunt and linger.

As the lead singer for The Psychedelic Furs, he has created a moody, edgy goth pop soundtrack for decades, and has released the band’s first new music since 1991 this spring.

The art exhibit was called “The Amnesiac Hostess” and featured portraits on heavy black backgrounds, the faces of the women — and it’s all women — obscured by blurs and smudges and fractured patterns. As if in a…

Women in ruffled white dresses float in a cosmic watery world. A well-dressed man and an underdressed woman smoking a cigar appear like apparitions by a pool. Continuous line drawings evoke Greco-Roman friezes.

All these disparate works hang easily together in a new exhibit by Philip Ross Munro at the Cultural Council for Palm Beach Counties gallery in Lake Worth. As an artist who works in series, the ideas and images flow from one set to the next as themes and references from art history chime in.

“All these are interrelated,” Munro says during a show walk through. …


Joe Namath on Life After Football

Joe Namath, football superstar, actor, TV show host, restauranteur, author, philanthropist, pulls up in a gold Cadillac SUV with a Save the Seas shark license plate, and strides into the Jupiter Beach Resort. He’s wearing a smile, a greeting for everyone there he knows by name, and his Super Bowl ring.
You can’t really miss the ring — it’s gold and huge with lettering and big sparkly diamonds. …

Cherokee North Carolina is a small but special place at the base of the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With a population of just over 2000, the tribe has quietly thrived after their tumultuous and tragic history. The densely wooded hills and the sparkling shallow Oconaluftee River considered “sacred waters” that flows through it have provided food, shelter, and now tourism attractions for the proud band.

The rock studded river flows rapidly, dropping 2000 feet in elevation quickly over 10 miles and picking up many tributaries along the way down from the mountains before joining the Little Tennessee on…

Sandra Hale Schulman

Sandra Hale Schulman is an arts writer, curator and film producer. Her work has appeared in Billboard, Variety, and Rolling Stone.

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